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Writer / Director, Actor, Editor

Chris has spent over 15 years scripting, producing and directing low budget films, but inside Shadows is his first feature and most ambitious project to date.  He is an enthusiastic writer with novels, poetry, short stories and screenplays scattered all over his desk as well as his mind.  In particular he is proud of his Notebooks: so far he has accumulated over 20 volumes of prose, illustrations and ideas.

Chris’ Film Recommendations To See Before You Join The Afterlife:

1. Jaws. Three men, a boat, a giant killer shark, a brilliant soundtrack and Robert Shaw! Perfect.

2. Into The Wild.  Because despite how HUGE this film is, it doesn’t forget about the little details - plus the cinematography and story are as brutal as they are beautiful.

3. Leaving Las Vegas. Moody, sexy and heart-breaking – Nic Cage at his best as the doomed alcoholic.

4. The World’s Fastest Indian.  So much love went in to this film and you can tell.  Hopkins is brilliant and the story will change your life for the better.

5. Opening Night. Different, challenging, intense and thought provoking.  Cassavetes was a genius. (So was Stanley Kubrick if I somehow wanted to sneakily put ALL his films into my top five!)

Chris’ Top 3 Songs To Listen To (Whilst You’re Still In This Life)

1. L.A Woman by The Doors

2. I Know It’s Over (Live) by The Smiths

3. I’ll Be Seeing You by Billie Holiday

Chris’ philosophy for a happy life:

If getting out of bed is a struggle every day, you need to change the way you’re living.

If he could ask any director one question it would be:

I’d ask Lawrence Kasdan WHY was there never a sequel to The Big Chill?







Inside Shadows




Inside Shadows


Inside Shadows

Chris Silver

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