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Something of a nomad by nature, Clive was born in Japan but raised in the UK, and now plies his trade making documentaries in Africa for British and international television. Clive's interest in filmmaking began when a childhood obsession with the film Rocky gripped his quivering young mind for a solid month, setting in motion a sequence of events that eventually led to a university degree in Radio, Film & Television. With his semi-hard earned education in tow, Clive decided to bugger off travelling for 3 1/2 years, during which time he made a number of his own short films. Since returning and embarking on his current career in documentary, Clive has procrastinated about making his own films but is finally making good progress on a feature film script. Other interests include eating, playing guitar and getting boozy.

Clive’s Film Recommendations To See Before You Join The Afterlife:

1. Natural Born Killers.  Jaw dropping, mesmerising, psychedelic chaos.

2. Apocalypse Now - A journey into the deepest darkest depths of the human soul, what more do I need to say

3. Rocky - Life and art interchange in this wonderful story about one man's search for self-respect. Sentimentality never felt so good.

4. All About Lily Chu Chu. Haunting, beautiful, disturbing portrayal of adolescent angst in Japan.

5. Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters.  Beautifully constructed, fascinating portrayal of Japan's hugely controversial writer

Clive's Top 3 Songs To Listen To (Whilst You’re Still In This Life)

1. Little Wing by Jimmy Hendrix

2. Crazy by Patsy Cline

3. How To Disappear Completely by Radiohead

Clive’s philosophy for a happy life:


If he could ask any director one question it would be:

Stanley Kubrick – if you could make one more film what would it be about?







Clive Patterson

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