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Musician / Soundtrack

As well as playing guitar and composing his own songs, John is also an accomplished writer of short stories and has been published on several occasions. He is currently working on his debut novel.

John’s Film Recommendations To See Before You Join The Afterlife:

1. Wisconsin Death Trip.  I had never seen anything like this and it pushed the doors wide open.

2. Taxi Driver.  Because I get giddy like a child every time I put it on.  Because it’s the grimy New York of my dreams, the city that inspired the world’s greatest films, music, art and literature….Gone now.  Because of the minute leading up to Betsy’s introduction – “They…cannot…touch…her…”  Incredible.

3. Oasis – Just truly heart wrenching.  This is from South Korea, too.  People are missing out on some of the most sublime cinema because they shy away from subtitles.  WATCH MORE FOREIGN CINEMA!!!

4. The Spirit of the Beehive – The first time I saw this I was well and truly spellbound.

5. Breaking the Waves – He has many detractors, but I’m a big fan of Lars Von Trier.  You leave his best films with a sense of numbness – like you’ve REALLY just witnessed something that perhaps you weren’t supposed to.  Like you’ve intruded on something private, personal.  Cassevetes is the master of this, but I walk away from a Von Trier film, this one especially, with the biggest urge for a hard drink and a cigarette.  

John’s Top 3 Songs To Listen To (Whilst You’re Still In This Life)

1. Hallucinex - Stereolab

2. Suite Bergamasque I - IV – Debussy

3. Vivo Sonhando – Astrud Gilberto

John’s philosophy for a happy life:

Be who you would want to fall madly in love with.







John Harris

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