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Director of Photography

Paul works in the visual effects industry after studying computer animation he actively enjoys the challenge of film making and photography, which he hopes to tie together to make interesting projects that satisfy a thirst.

Paul’s Film Recommendations To See Before You Join The Afterlife:

1. Jaws (1975).  Because the shark didn’t work for most of it (luckily)

2. Dawn of the Dead (1978). Great social commentary.

3. Martin (1976). Is he or isn’t he?

4. OldBoy (2003). “Can the imaginary training of fifteen years be put to use?..... Yes. It can!”

5. Videodrome (1983). "Long Live the New Flesh"

Paul’s Top 3 Songs To Listen To (Whilst You’re Still In This Life)

1. Mr Fox by Mr Fox

2. Forest by Graveyard

3. Time Warp by the cast of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Paul’s philosophy for a happy life:

Finish everything on your plate!

If he could ask any director one question it would be:

Alfred, leading ladies..?








Manic Zombie

Paul Jones

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