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I could not have completed even a tenth of this film without the talent, support and understanding of my cast and crew.

Paul, your professionalism, photographic eye, generosity and advice were incredible. Clive your multi- skills, humour and insistence on “just one more take” proved invaluable. Mike, the things you can do with a contact microphone and your constant trips to London during a hectic schedule both humbled and amazed me!  Thank you for teaching me the basics of editing. Niamh, you were patient, brilliant and beautiful – your acting made me raise my game! Calvin – who would have thought it?  You took on the challenge, elbowed the doubts and gave a striking performance.  Yelda, you scared the shit out of me, both in front and behind the camera: you certainly kept me on my toes. Sabrina, your performance was impeccable: you’re a scene stealer and I’m forever in debt to you because of it. Jack, thanks for you nuts nature and the unflappable way in which you TK…which is highly skilled! Sophie, you’ll always be my angel. Thank you for coping with my notes, my nonsense & my very tired ramblings. Dan, your piano playing was as perfect as your face. John and Rebecca, you are both talented and interesting musicians bringing scenes to life with your brilliant melodies. Eddie the cat – you only performed when you wanted too but I respected you for that. Finally Sofia - who always believed in me and this project from the start. You nailed it, you’re a gorgeous person and you were fantastic!






Whether it was support, advice, equipment or a hug that you offered - I couldn’t have done it without you. In no particular order thanks to…

Joce Capper, Louise Hussey, Carl Grinter, Mark & Ali Ardington, Sophie Holme, Carolyn Hughes, Stephen Patrick Warner, Joe Bateman, Tara Oliver, Sophie Elmy, Pete Oppersdorf, Kirsty McKenzie, Gary Atkinson, Emily Elson, Ma and Pa Silver, Guy Hancock, Costas Charitou, Barry Corcoran, Joe West, Sean Patterson, Simone Coco, Jon Kerby, James Mann, Leon Grant, Joseph O’ Rourke, Carine Ong, Kim Butler, Charlotte Emmerson, Paul Ormerod, Mike Cosgrave, Elliot Burton, Matt Lawrence, Brad Le Riche, Chris Hutchinson, Adam Hanson, Steve Christie, Tim Wharton, Robin Durham, Caroline Laing, Alan Williamson, Eleanor Rogers, Fernando, Emily Duffield and Angus Patterson.  

…and to the many more who contributed in any way they could. You know who you are!


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