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One of the main points of inside Shadows was to create a convincing, creepy, original film out of nothing, or rather whatever we had available to us. That is, to not let excuses get in our way, nor depend on money when there was none or dream of equipment which we could never gain access too.  Instead we were to pull together our resources, experiment and see what happened. 



At a recent event I explained this philosophy to a D.O.P. He listened, seemingly intrigued for about twenty minutes before he asked: “Why aren’t you shooting this on a red camera?  Everyone uses a red camera.” “Because I haven’t got one,” I replied and walked away realising that you either understand what I’m saying or you don’t.   I didn’t possess a red camera; I didn’t have a professional microphone either or a dolly or a Steadicam.  I didn’t have established actors or a crane or a special effects unit or a car.  I didn’t even own a camera and certainly didn’t have the money to hire these things. What I did have was a small team of dedicated people who deemed this story worth telling and wished to do so to the best of their abilities.  Because of this I now have a film.

When the industry talk about low budget movie making, particularly in the ghost / horror genre, they often cite examples like Halloween ( $300,000) or The Blair Witch Project ($20,000); more recently Paranormal Activity wherein director Oren Peli spent $15,000, mainly renovating his house to accommodate the storyline.  I’m not naïve, I know in the film business these budgets amount to no more than pennies down the back of the sofa and each of these films were critical and commercial triumphs; but in 15 years I’ve never met a fellow filmmaker privy to that kind of cash. I’ve met plenty - including myself - who tried to get financial help and underwent a rather taxing or unpleasant experience to do so; often resulting in being awarded little or nothing. These are not the words of a bitter man - I know there are limited funds and life is too precious for sniping. Rather they are observations.

So when I discuss low budget filmmaking I’m talking about those who - at best - perhaps know someone who can lend them the equipment.  These film makers have to cease production should the camera be needed elsewhere.  They cancel shoots if they can’t afford to feed the actors or crew. At times they can’t even reward their team with a beer; instead he or she expresses their thanks with a hug and words of gratitude.  If I total up actual money spent on my film, it comes to a few hundred pounds, whenever there was some spare which wasn't often. This is neither a sob story nor is it a new one.  Such filmmakers exist all over the world, yet to their credit continue to work as productively as they can, against all the odds.

With inside Shadows the cast and crew worked relentlessly hard for 2.5 years.  They endured early mornings, late nights, Bank Holidays, weekends and did so - not only alongside full time jobs - but some with concussion, eye infections, fractured feet, name but a few afflictions suffered throughout the shoot. They did all this without complaint or pay and with absolutely no guarantee of any pay off, financial or otherwise. The reason they did this is because they love filmmaking and wanted to tell a story that would entertain, unsettle and challenge you.

By paying $3.50 (approximately £2.50) to watch, you’re not only contributing towards the funding of our next project, but you’re helping give hope to the many filmmakers out there who are all in the same boat. Until recent times such people may have fallen by the way side: folks with talent, with energy, with passion, who were just never given the opportunity or the platform on which to show their potential. I believe times are changing. The internet and advances in technology have played a huge part in this of course but without you, the audience who are willing to support our projects, such creativity may never be seen. I hope you enjoy our offering.  I hope you will recommend it to friends and family. I hope you will not feel short changed.  Most of all I hope that through inside Shadows here begins a long and satisfying friendship between the both of us, you and I.  In the meantime, thank you and enjoy...

- Chris Silver






















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