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Niamh's love of stories started from an early age she has fond memories of reading The Lord of the Rings and Watership Down as a child (the first book to make her cry). This lead her to engage passionately in the world of books and film. She likes to spend her time writing her own stories. She has worked in post-production for the last ten years.

Niamh’s Film Recommendations To See Before You Join The Afterlife:

1. The Wicker Man - "You'll simply never understand the true nature of sacrifice"

2. Inside Shadows  - some films are special for many reasons. This one reminds me of why I love film.

3. Harold and Maude - A wonderful film about real love.

4. A Clockwork Orange - just brilliant.

5. Spirited Away- I will never tire of this film.

Niamh’s Top 3 Songs To Listen To (Whilst You’re Still In This Life)

I would just put my ipod and on shuffle and see what would happen.

Niamh’s philosophy for a happy life:

"All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances and one man in his time plays many parts"

If she could ask any director one question it would be:

I'd ask David Lynch what the creature in Eraserhead is meant to be...(but I hope he wouldn't answer)








Niamh Mulcahy

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